Boarding Schools Going to boarding school means a whole new adventure for children, students are part of a community in which the willingness to explore new things is inherent in their bodies and with every challenge that school presents, students learn about themselves, learn skills and subjects, challenge themselves to a higher academic standard and meet new people.

This schools provide a educational environment in which students receive individualized attention for their social and intellectual development.

The mission of this kind of schools is not only educate students but also develop better-rounded people through a wide range of academic and extracurricular activities.

Choosing the proper school could turn into a difficult task for parents because there are several types and each one focused in something different fields such as military schools, religious schools, boarding schools for girls or boys, etc.

For that reason this boarding schools site is a good resource for parents who are looking information about the best schools for their kids.

As some boarding schools are more conservative and traditional while others are more progressive, there are many factors that contribute to the distinct culture of a preparatory school, here you will find information about schools such as its history, benefits, myths, facts, boarding school life, tips, financial aid and other topics on boarding schools; because of parents must know how a preparatory school can help their children and what they offer.


You should have lots of questions regarding to boarding schools, here you will get some answers.
What is a boarding school?
Why boarding school?

What is a boarding school?

Are residential houses where students live and provide a comprehensive education and develop child' independence.

Why boarding school?

There are many reasons about why a boarding school is a good option, some of them are to improve children's independence and self-confidence.
Education Insurance
Boarding School Jobs

Education Insurance

Ensure your children's security and health this way you can proctect them against different types of accidents. some types are personal accident and personal items.


Here you will find a list of important websites to find jobs and some job interview tips that allow you to prepare for applying a job interview in boarding school related jobs.


An overview about different kinds of boarding schools and what you should expect from each one of them.
Girls Schools
Military Schools

Girls Schools

These kind of schools are specialized in girls, here young women can develop their different capacities and talents in a environment of freedom.

Military Schools

These schools are very strict and promote discipline to prepare students for military colleges. A choice for teens with behavior problems.
Boys Boarding Schools
Native American Schools

Boys Schools

These schools incorporate learning methods for academic education, provide assistance and psychological help, discipline when it is necessary.

Native American Schools

These schools gave Native Americans the knowledge and culture to get a tribal identity in 20th Century.

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