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McKenzie Residential School

McKenzie is a Residential Special School surrounded by farm land 10 km from the city centre and 2 km from Yaldhurst and a similar distance from the suburbs of Russley and Hornby.

The purpose of McKenzie Residential School is to provide special education within a residential setting for students who are in Year levels 3-8 of schooling. The students accepted into McKenzie will have severe behaviour difficulties which mean that their education needs cannot be met in their local community or they live too far away from a Centre of Extra Support.

McKenzie recognises the importance of working within the wider community and actively works to maximise the opportunity for this. Pupils are involved in a variety of activities outside the school and interaction with local schools, especially in sporting activity which is a regular part of the programme. Selected pupils also have the opportunity to be involved in the academic programmes of neighbouring schools.

McKenzie is assisted and supported by the Ministry of Education, Group Special Education , Social Workers involved with our pupils, local schools and their staff and a variety of individuals and groups within the community.

The Disturbed Children's Aid Movement has supported McKenzie throughout its existence. During that time the DCAM has raised money from a variety of sources to totally fund, or contribute towards a number of projects for the school. Many of these projects have provided permanent resources for the school. These projects include the school hall, the covering of the swimming pool, the purchase of kayaks and lifejackets for the outdoor education programme, the printing of the school’s information package, the hall seating, the shade house, the purchase of the digital camera and the making of the school video.

Involvement with sports clubs and other community organisations bring considerable benefits to McKenzie pupils who participate.

Professional development for staff is on-going and opportunities for staff training, both on and off campus, ensure a balanced perspective is maintained. The school provides limited training for College of Education, Early Childhood and Polytech students. A variety of professional visitors are received each year and the feedback offered on these occasions is of real value to the school.

School name:McKenzie Residential School
Address:483 Yaldhurst Road
Zip & city:7676 Canterbury
Phone:+64 3 342 8833

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McKenzie Residential School Boarding School Location

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