Admission tests

Most boarding schools require Standardized Admissions Tests as as part of the admissions process. The common ones are ISEE and SSAT. Make sure your child get well prepared for these tests, look for information and make him practice a lot. Also a written essay is required. Find below a summary of each test:


ISEE, the Independent School Entrance Examination is a test given to middle to high school students. It has 3 different levels: Lower Level, Middle Level, and Upper Level. The Upper Level is from 9th grade and above.

The ISEE test lasts 3 hours and consists of four multiple-choice sections and a written essay. Each section is divided like this:
  • The first section is verbal reasoning with 40 questions, lasts 20 minutes. It tests your vocabulary knowledge by using synonyms and sentence completions questions.

  • The second section is Reading Comprehension with 40 questions, lasts 40 minutes. It tests the ability to read and understand short passages.

  • The third and fourth sections are Quantitative Reasoning and Mathematics Achievement with 35 questions, 35 minutes for the first one and 45 questions, 40 minutes for the second one. Both test knowledge of general mathematical concepts there are two different question types: problem-solving questions and quantitative comparison questions. The quantitative comparison questions ask you to compare two columns of data.

  • The fifth section is the written Essay that takes 30 minutes.


The Secondary School Admissions Test is used is USA by Military and boarding schools but there are some private schools that accept this test too. The SSAT test has just two different levels: Lower Level and Upper Level. The Upper level is for students from 8th grade and above.

The SSAT test lasts 1555 minutes. It also has four multiple-choice sections and a writing sample. These sections are:
  • The first and second sections are called Quantitative there are 2 separate sections here, each with 25 questions and 30 minutes in length. This part tests mathematical concepts like arithmetic, geometry, and algebra.

  • The second section is called Verbal, consists of 60 questions and lasts 30 minutes. This part tests your vocabulary knowledge using two question types: synonyms and analogies unlike the ISEE test there aren't sentence completion questions.

  • The third part is Reading consists of 40 questions, lasts 40 minutes and tests the ability to read and understand short passages.

  • The last part is the writing sample it consists on 1 essay topic with 25 minutes length.