How to Apply to Boarding School?

How to Apply to Boarding School

Application process

First Complete an application form, this application is different for every type of boarding school they look for particular things in each case. They also differ from grade to grade.

Then you have to send the form, the correspondent registration fee, passport size photos and the latest report card to the mail address of the school. Some times schools also ask to complete and sign a Student Health Information Form.

The second step is to take an entrance evaluation his is for new students only. This exam will show the school the academic level of the student, his or her strengths and weaknesses so they have an idea of the student's condition and how to treat it.

The third step is an interview appointment this is after you got the evaluation results. The school will contact parents in order to arrange an interview with the Principal of the school, this interview will give the school a view about the student's family, parents will be also notified about students score and is also an opportunity to ask question to the principal about the school.

Finally student will receive an admission package containing information about the school, the new school journal, dates, rules, information about courses, locations, economic information.

After doing the tuition payment student is ready to backpack for his or her first boarding school day.


In this section you will find some online examples of the 2 common exams taken in order to apply to a Boarding School, ISEE and SSAT tests.

ISEE test samples:

There are some ISEE test samples in the following websites:

SSAT test samples

Here you will find some SSAT test samples: