Boarding School Tuition

The tuition amount depends on the boarding school. It ranges in USA from $7,332 to $45,000 being the average annual tuition is around $31,416. This tuition is managed very carefully by the schools it pays the most relevant and necessary expenses to provide students the best at the school.

The monthly tuition fee covers academic classes, room’s cost and board, regularly scheduled workshops, individual, group and family therapies, equine therapy and equestrian riding (if applicable), educational tests, psycho tests, and evaluations, school staff fees.

Usually there are two types of payments in a boarding school the Admission fee which is used to provide orientation and information to the student to purchase tests, his or her uniform, psycho assessment tests, etc. The other one is the normal Monthly Tuition which will be paid each month throughout the school year.

Most Boarding schools require an enrollment payment that consist in a pro rated part of the first month, full second month tuition, and a tuition deposit. They usually accept various payment methods such as Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), Personal Check, Automatic Check (ACH) and Loans.

Boarding schools fees seem very expensive but just see it a wise investment for parents to make for their children. Boarding schools work with students and encourage them in their academic studies and extracurricular activities.

The education style teach them the value of hard work and the importance of taking responsibility for actions, they promote positive reinforcement, positive behaviors, help each other to succeed academically and as a whole.

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