Resources for Parents

Boarding schools are places where students will be constantly oriented by professionals but parents are still an important part of their education. Parents need to be informed of their children progress. Below are some general characteristics of Boarding schools that will help parents on making any decision about boarding schools
  • Boarding schools have small classes the entire school usually has no more than 500 students. Teachers really know the students so they encourage them to improve their skills.

  • There are many boarding schools and different types in this website you will find information about it. Look carefully for the type of boarding school your child needs.

  • Boarding schools have a big infrastructure with a place for everything. There is a gym, a pool, a sports field, a library, a laboratory, the school dormitories in the campus, etc. Theses schools are well implemented.

  • The staff that works at a boarding school is well prepared; have masters, advanced degrees in order to ensure the students education, not only academic but emotional and behavioral.

  • Don’t think that choosing boarding schools is the last chance for your child, and for you as a parent, many parents think that they have failed as parents when they send them to a boarding school. This is totally the opposite it means that you care about your child and his education and maybe more help is the clue for success.

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