Boarding School FAQs


What is a Boarding School?

A Boarding school is a residential private school where students live in dormitories within the campus. They spend their weeks combining classes, sports and extracurricular activities.

Students are away from their homes, living a residential life which develops their independence. There are also teachers that live in the campus, helping and supervising student’s progress.

Are Boarding schools only for rich people?

No, they used to be a few years ago, but now they just look for students with good records; although their prices are higher than the average private schools they also offer many kinds of financial aids and scholarships using different criteria.

How much does a Boarding school cost?

It depends on the school and the academic year, they usually ranges from $7,332 to $45,000. The average annual tuition for a boarding student is $31,416. 

Are there any financial help for a boarding school?

Yes there are many, just look to the section Financial Aid and also ask every school you are considering for this information.

What is the average age for a child to start a boarding school?

Student’s average age to start boarding schools are in grades seven to twelve, known as the high school years. This depends also on the kind of the school, there is what is called junior schools, so students can start Boarding schools from the ages of 2 to 18 years old.

How long will my child be far from home?

Each semester lasts three months after which they will return to their homes.

Which is the most common boarding school that parents choose?

There are many types but parents in USA prefer military boarding schools. This is because parents think discipline is very important and in military schools they can learn how to get up early, do physical activities, this is more common for students with behavioral problems.

How do I find the right school for my child?

Parents should find the needs and interests of their child; recognize how he or she performs better and in what kind of situations. Ask about his or her favorite subjects, sports and activities. If you know your child more then you can look for the right school and do it with your child cause his or her opinion is very important in the last decision. Remember that the person who will be at the school is your child and he or she has to feel comfortable.

How can I afford a boarding school education if I don't have the means?

Well lately more and more boarding schools offer different kinds of financial help, such as Financial Aid, Scholarships, information about borrowers who can give you education loans. Within the page you will also find information about financial aid.

How can I collaborate with a boarding school?

If you a Philanthropist and want to help a boarding school, then you have several options because all boarding schools require some financial help in order to offer scholarships for good students and to meet school expenses. It's also true that the third part of boarding schools annual expenses belong to the USA federal government.

Do Boarding schools keep parents informed about their children’s progress?

Boarding schools involve parents in student's education keeping a fluent communication about the state of their child. They notify regularly through email also students can communicate directly with their parents.

How can I apply for a boarding school?

Application require 2 steps, the first one is to send the application form offered by the school along with other requirements demanded by the school. Then and once they called the students he or she has to take an exam, there are two types ISEE and SSAT. For further information just read the section how to apply.

Is there diversity at boarding schools?

Yes there are. Nowadays more than a quarter of all boarding students are conformed by color or international students.

Are teachers well prepared?

Boarding Schools have high qualified teachers with advanced degrees. They demand the best teachers for their students.