Education Insurance

Education Insurance

Keep in mind, parents feel the necessity to take care their children and it is more important when children are far away from home. This is the case of boarding schools for that reason parents look for the best way to protect them.

One way is through insurances so parents ensure their children security and health. There are three main types of insurance offered by boarding schools for parents and children:

Personal Accident insurance

In boarding schools, students can be exposed to suffer an injury that is why parents can choose personal accident insurance. This insurance is covered for the duration of the school and provides compensation in the event of a permanent disability or death.

This compensation is paid in the event of a minor injury such as the loss of a tooth to the more serious accidents such as:
  • Bodily injury.
  • Dismemberment.
  • Disappearance.
Boarding school can supply details of the insurance policy, so parents can also choose to provide private health for their child.

The need for personal accident insurance was emphasized by certain serious injuries occurred to boarders that is why some boarding schools include all their boarders within personal accident insurance at no additional cost is incorporated within the current fee structure.

Personal Effects insurance

Personal Effects insurance covers lost or damage to personal property of boarders over the period of the official school. However, certain items such as contact lenses, items of jewelry, computers and stereo equipment are not covered, in these cases parents must inquire about extra cover for expensive items.

Depend on the plan insurance, parents can ensure individual cover limits that can include personal effects such as baggage and sports or activity equipment.

School Fees insurance

School Fees insurance allows parents to insure one of their important responsibilities with their children, their school fees. The benefits of this insurance is paid directly to the school when parents die or suffer a serious illness, this way, problems about probate and inheritance tax are avoided.

School fees insurance also provides a refund of fees in case of absence due to illness or accident of boarders.

Parents should make it clear if they wish to take out this insurance, but insurance policies are vital due to the amount of risk and unknown problems. These risks can be reduced as much as possible so in some cases boarding schools provide a subsidy to keep a child at school with their friends.