Boarding School Facts

Boarding School Facts

Many myths are weaved around boarding schools, but the real facts are the ones you have to know. The following are some facts of most Boarding Schools:
  • Within the school students build strong friendships not only with classmates but with teachers and faculty members. Friends and faculty are like family and they learn to stand each other.

  • Boarding schools provide help and assistance 24 hours per day. At home, sometimes parents don't spend too much time with their children because of their work schedules so boarding schools offer safe guidance. This is so beneficial to parents who are always worried about their children's future, because at a boarding school students will be supervised and attended.

  • Students learn to do things by their own. In consequence they value more their parent's efforts of putting them in such school. They gain experience, independence, make their own decisions, front difficulties. All these aspects will mold their character and personality.

  • The majority of boarding schools are residential. Students reside on rooms within the campus. They are divided in groups following their age, for every group there is a dining room, a library where they can do their homework. The number of dorms depends on the age of children the younger ones sometimes sleep in the same dorm and the older ones have a personal dorm.

  • Schools have high qualified teachers with advanced degrees. Boarding schools demand the best teachers for their students. Sine they are private and have their own budgets, boarding schools spend a big percentage of their incomes in education, they hire the best teachers.

  • USA Boarding schools accept international students. They accept diversity in their pupils to promote respect and tolerance for each other. They also support them offering options such us scholarships, loans, financial aids, etc.

  • USA has around three hundred schools. Most of them are college preparatory boarding schools, but there are several kinds more that surely will fit your needs. About a hundred of them are single sex schools, schools for only boys or girls. This information demonstrate that boarding schools reflects great employment opportunities. Are you looking for a great job? Independent schools are wonderful places to work. however, they require a well written and professionally resume.
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  • Not all boarding schools are purely residential. Some schools offer a mix of day and boarding school. In some towns with big population there could be a considerable percentage of day students. It changes the concept of a boarding school but there's nothing wrong with that, because day students leave at the end of the day while the boarding students stay at school.

  • Some boarding schools offer discounts for siblings. If you want register more than one child to a boarding school ask for this discount. They generally give a discount on the tuition bill which can help you to save some money.