Boarding School Myths

Boarding School Myths

There are some myths about Boarding schools that sometimes influence parent’s decisions. Some of those myths come from the long history of boarding schools which are no longer true.

The following is a list of common myths around boarding schools:

Boarding schools are only for wealthy people

It was true between the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century, boarding schools used to only accept students who can afford their tariff, very high for the average people, and also sons of the richest and important people of that era.

Nowadays Boarding schools not only have more convenient rates but they also offer financial aid grants depending on the student’s grades or family situation. Boarding schools have more accessible programs; students come from public schools or overseas thanks to all of these facilities.

Boarding schools are exclusive

Boarding schools began being handled by Christian orders, and only Christian people could access to them. Now there are a few schools called religious schools that require certain faith in order to be accepted.

Boarding schools in general are looking for a diversity of students from many countries, races and languages. They also offer more opportunities for foreigners, who want to learn fluent english, because they are pushed to interact in class and playing fields with others.

Boarding schools are for problem students

Besides college preparatory boarding schools there are therapeutic boarding schools specialized in helping students with problems that have difficulty at home or in traditional schools so they need professional help, more orientation, therapies, etc.

Therapeutic schools also are equipped and have all the necessary to handle students facing problems such as behavioral or emotional problems, substance abuse and others.

Sometimes these two terms are confused and can cause misperceptions that lead to think that Boarding schools in general are for students with problems. In fact there are several kinds of boarding schools, the most common are described in our section Types of Boarding schools so take a look to know more about them.

Boarding schools keeps you apart from family

There are several boarding schools around US and other countries. You can find a boarding school within a reasonable distance of your home. Also now with internet connection and cellular phones makes easier to contact family and friends.

Also to help the boarding students keep in touch with their families, boarding schools have public phones set up in dorms and around campus, wireless internet access throughout the campus.

If parents are worried about their children, they can easily call up the dorms supervisors and they will inmediately communicate with your children.

Boarding schools are boring

Despite some opinions Boarding schools in general are enjoyable. There are many weekly activities planned for students, these activities take place during school days afternoon and weekends.

Some activities include competitions between dorms, competitions such as sports, dances, food eating contests, and parties. The funniest activities are on weekends including activities such as hiking, biking, camping, mall visit, excursions, visit beach, and fishing trips.

There are no diversity at a Boarding school

Nowadays more than a quarter of the number of all boarding students are conformed by color or international students. There is so much diversity at boarding schools actually they look for variety, students from different ethnic or socio economic groups.

Boarding schools represent a great opportunity to meet different people, socialize with them and share each others cultures. They interact in the dorms, classrooms, sport fields and all the places of a boarding school.