What is a Boarding school

A Boarding school is private school that works as a residential house where students live in dormitories within the school campus. They spend their weeks combining academic classes, sports and other extracurricular activities.

Students are away from their homes, living a residential life which helps to develop their independence making them more mature. Teachers are always around, some of them even live in the campus, helping students with their worries and supervising their academic progress.

About the building

A common boarding school has a building with several residential houses within the school campus or around it. The residential house includes personal bedrooms, a library, a dining room, where students take meals following a schedule, a hall implemented with desks and chairs and all the necessary material for students to do their homework.

The most used system to distribute students is shared rooms for younger students, while the older students are usually housed in double or single rooms. There are also common rooms for watching television and any other kind of relaxation, a place to storage bicycles and sports equipment, and kitchens for some snacks.

About School Meals

Another important aspect are meals, they generally provide three meals every day that consist on breakfast, lunch and dinner. There’s a large shared dinning room by students of different grades and school staff.

About the food service, boarding schools generally have a self service staff but sometime they hire a catering service which provides meals every day. It’s important to mention if any children require and special diet so it can be provided too.

About Parents Visits

Parents can visit their children whenever they want, but they have to notify the director, house master/mistress or their children’s teachers, first. This is in order to ensure that the student will be available at that time, but if there’s any emergency; parents are allowed to talk with any authority and talk or take his children home.

About School Schedule

Students generally have classes from Monday to Friday.  Boarding schools give one afternoon per week for trips, projects, sports, drama rehearsals, theatre and museum visits, etc.

On Saturdays mornings students participate in sporting activities, matches in football, hockey, rugby, basketball, etc with competing teams from the school or outside the school. Sometimes there are some shopping expeditions outside the school and coordinated and supervised by a house master/mistress.

On Sundays mornings students can go to the church, then write letters to their parents and in the afternoon there can be outings to local places.