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Types of Boarding School

Nowadays, people can find different types of boarding schools, due to there are many types of students. Each boarding school is specializing in a particular area of education that is why parents can choose what type of school could be most beneficial to their child.

In this page you can get information about the different types of boarding schools available around the world that give you a broad overview of what to expect from each type of school.

Some boarding schools focus on academics and others emphasize on character-building along with educational qualification, for that reason these schools can be grouped into three types of boarding school:
  • Academic boarding schools.
  • Specialty boarding schools.
  • Therapeutic boarding school.
Among these schools, you can find boy boarding school, girl boarding school, military, religious, high school, boarding schools for troubled teen, and many other types of boarding schools. Below you can find more pros and cons for the different types of schools to help you for making the right decision.

Religious Boarding School
Military Boarding School
Boys Boarding schools
 Religious boarding schools
These schools keep beliefs, traditions and values about a specific religion.
 Military Boarding Schools
These schools prepare students for military colleges, they are a good choice for troubled adolescents.
 Boys Boarding Schools
These schools are for boys and offer practice learning methods for academic education and discipline.
Girls Boarding schools
Therapeutic Boarding schools
Native American Boarding Schools
 Girls Boarding Schools
These types of schools are for girls and use girl-friendly methods to make comfortable and easy the academic education.
 Therapeutic Boarding Schools
Schools for students with problems in normal schools so techniques and activities allow to express emotions
 Native American Boarding Schools
These schools gave Native Americans the knowledge to get a tribal identity and maintain alive their cultures.
Learning Differences Boarding schools
High School Boarding schools
Equestrian boarding schools
 LD boarding schools
Schools for students with learning disabilities or disorders, and through stimulating courses they improve children's ability.
 High School Boarding Schools
These schools provide high necessary education to prepare students for applying and getting into a college.
 Equestrian Boarding Schools
Schools for children or teens interested on equitation, so they combine riding programs with academic teaching.
Arts boarding schools
Summer Boarding Programs
Residential treatment programs
 Arts Boarding Schools
Arts boarding schools are for children with talent on arts, so they receive education on art, music, film, dance, etc.
 Summer Boarding Programs
Students develop their studies and participate in outdoor activities during summer.
 Residential Treatment Programs
Offer treatment for teens with problems and give students opportunities to change.