Equestrian boarding schools

Equestrian boarding schools offer a program for children or teens who like equitation and they combine this with academic teaching. There are many riding programs that help students develop and improve self confidence.

Love for animals make children more sensitive and improve their self steem. That's why some boarding schools make equestrian an important part of their curricula.

At equestrian schools students can find support with study or personal issues while they work with horses. Counsellors who sometimes are also instructors will always be available to guide students.

These schools are for children interested on equestrian. The environment is ideal because it offers an open camp where they can ride a horse, forget problems and learn responsibility.

Below some equestrian boarding schools and their programs:

The Tacher school

Located Ojai California, offers a great experience for students who love horses. Riding horses lead a big responsibility so it builds character.

Tacher school has its own stables with beautiful horses they also are surrounded by Los Padres National Forest a beautiful place to practice and participate in competitions. From the very first days you will learn not only to ride them but to maintain horses in the right way.

Foxcroft School

It is located in a field of 202,34 hectares which makes the pleasure of riding horses unique and enjoyable. They also have the philosophy that to ride horses build character. They offer classical equitation teaching, with training events and competitions.

San Domenico School

It is located in San Francisco. It has a campus of 500 acres that offers day and equestrian boarding school for girls. At San Domenico you will find a good integration between riding and education.

The program includes a schedule for riding, usually three days per week during school time and sometimes on weekends. They believe that horse’s involvement improves student’s self-esteem, confidence, sense and assertiveness. The riding team of San Domenico competes in national competitions.