Religious Boarding School

If you are a religious person and want your children to keep these beliefs you can opt for a religious boarding school. In Religious boarding schools traditions and values are respected. It could be an option for troubled students too.

If you are looking for a religious college preparatory education, there are many options. Since there are a good quantity of them throughout the country and abroad, it won’t be difficult to find a religious boarding school in the religion you practice and that fill your needs.

There are Catholic, Christian, Islamic religions, Jewish and other boarding schools, a big variety waiting just for your decision and willing to fit your needs.

Extracurricular activities are also available in religious boarding schools. Most of them are based on religion. They usually organize groups related to academic competitiveness, sports teams and other groups. Religious activities also help students to be more involved in their religions.

Jewish boarding schools

These schools are for students who profess the Jewish religion. Jewish schools are designed to provide Jewish children with a Jewish and a general education.

Jewish education varies from school to school and usually depends on the Jewish denomination. Jewish schools focus on Judaism, Zionism, Jewish history, Hebrew language, Yiddish language, Jewish culture, Torah study among others.

Christian boarding schools

These schools are for students who profess the Christian religion. Christian schools vary from place to place, according to specific Christian religion and the school methods.

There aren't many religious schools in USA but Christian schools represent a big percentage of them. In Christian Schools students are taught like in any other school but from a Christian perspective.

The following is a list of some Chriastian Boarding schools: