Therapeutic Boarding schools

Therapeutic boarding schools are focused on students who have problems in normal schools. While preparing students for college is also a goal for these schools, they are also able to handle students who are facing challenges such as behavioral / emotional problems, substance abuse, or significant learning differences.

Such students are sometimes referred to as "troubled-teens" or "struggling teens;" hence, therapeutic boarding schools are sometimes called "boarding schools for troubled-teens" or "boarding schools for struggling teens."

Therapeutic schools vary in their operations and objectives. They have different programs not only between schools but in the same school they apply different techniques for different types of students.

So if you are looking for a therapeutic school for your child you can go with a Consultant a person who will help you to better understand your children problems and find the appropriate school.

Nowadays, therapeutic boarding schools are considering more and more parents involving and participation. They try to join the family to the student therapies, this is very important because in this way the child will know that his family support and love him.

Schedules of most therapeutic boarding schools are very structured. They have set times for classes, homework, meals, exercise, outings, therapies and rest. A schedule helps students to respect hours and to be organized things that most of these students fails.

Students are under constant supervision with staff members guiding and taking care of them throughout the day. Some therapeutic boarding schools are often located in rural areas, this allow students to share with nature, enjoy outdoor sports (hiking, swimming, skiing, camping) and to ease the tension they go through.

Experiential therapy is a kind of therapy applied by therapeutic boarding schools where a counsellor work with students in individual and group sessions learning through experience this is particularly effective with young people.

Things such as working with animals (horses, rabbits and dogs) helps a troubled teen connect with nurturing and love and also learn responsibilities. Other activities that involve art, music, drama, dance or writing help students to externalize their emotions. They also apply some relaxation techniques such as yoga, taichi, deep breathing exercises, etc.

Choose carefully the right Therapeutic boarding school for your child, remember that a child with problems need more attention and love from your part.

A good program should consist in a long process that involves therapies, psychological testing, constant reports from teachers and counsellors, interviews with teens and their family. Therapeutic boarding schools are expensive, but consider that your children future is above everything.

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